A  F I L M  B Y  H O L L Y  M O R R I S

i n  a s s o c i a t i o n  w i t h 

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As the Arctic polar ice cap melts, reaching the North Pole has become increasingly dangerous. But an expedition of women from East and West, led by explorer Felicity Aston, have set an audacious goal of skiing to the North Pole. Filmmaker Holly Morris and an all-women crew document this daring and unprecedented group as they navigate everything from frostbite and polar bear threats, to sexism and self-doubt in an intimate story of resilience, survival and global citizenry — in what may be the last-ever over-ice expedition to the top of the world.

"A triumph for all involved, a delight and joy for viewers, a chilling revelation.”
Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune